Google is Launching Group Calling Feature in Duo with Another Low Light Feature

The glob is becoming smaller and smaller as we are getting more advanced in technology. when we have to talk with our friends, voice call seems to be something from the past,  with cheap internet data and widely available smartphones, a video call is everyone's cup of tea. and when we talk about video call, google duo is leading app in this field. but there are some features duo is lacking.  but now Google is trying to make more power with empowering it with more features.

The most requested feature for the duo was the group calling feature. so the google is all set to launch this feature, with this feature users will be able to make group calls with 7 people at most. to do so the user will need to create a group of people, and they can start group call with those people with just one click. 

"Tapping on the group name in the bottom right corner of a call only brings you a list of group members,"

There is another low light feature which will let the user make a video call in low light condition. it modifies the video in such a way that others can see the calling user. we are not sure when Google will launch these two features, Google is now controlling tests on servers sides.