Google Announced New Feature For The Google Assistant

At CES every company is coming up with some new cool technology, Google has also made some big announcement at CES 2019, which is taking place at Las Vegas. Google announced some new features for google maps, here they are. 

Flight Check-in

The Feature everyone was waiting for, Google Assitant will now be able to do flight check-ins for the user. Now with google assistant user will be able to check-in their flights and receive their boarding passes.  for now, this feature will only work on United Airlines domestic flights, but soon we can expect it to be launched in other countries too.

Google Assistant Connect

Google also made an announcement about a new feature named Google Assistant Connect, the new platform will make it easy for the companies to add Google Assistant to their product. it will surely help Google also to get more customers as more company use it in the product.  

Google Maps Integration

Google map is one of the most used product from Google, now google assistant is also gonna to be added with google map. for now, the assistant offers a very few numbers of functionality like user can ask to share the map info with the friend like you can share your ETA.  you can also search place you would like to visit and also you can send the reply to the message you receive on the supported apps, the apps it's supporting right now are Hangout, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages, Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger etc.

Interpreter Mode

Now here is the hottest feature in the list, Now all Google Home Device will also work as an interpreter, so the user can have conversations in any language they want.  to activate this you will just day Hey Google, be my Hindi interpreter” and the device will start to trance for you in real time. if you also have a display on the device, you will also see the text on the screen.