Garmin reveals its LTE-connected vivoactive 3 Music smartwatch

Garmin has unveiled a new version of its vivoactive 3 Music – which is an LTE-connected smartwatch that works on the Verizon network. This is actually the company’s first LTE-enabled watch. Anyway, one good thing about it is that you don’t need a phone on Verizon’s network or indeed any phone to use this watch.

It sends and receives text messages, but can't make calls. The main use of its 4G connection is LiveTrack and allows you to share your location with friends in actual real time. There’s also an emergency mode that alerts pre-selected contacts when you hold down a button (the watch can also automatically detect incidents while user is walking or biking).

The battery on the vivoactive 3 Music can lasts for 4 hours even with GPS and LiveTrack enabled and with music playing. It can also last for 5 days in smartwatch mode. The watch has enough storage to house up to 500 songs offline, but the addition of LTE typically means you can download songs on the go as well. One thing to love is its Spotify support that is coming soon.

This device also supports Garmin Pay that allows users to leave their wallet at home and it can Uber and show you the weather forecast too.

With its 43.1mm case made of polymer, it is 13.6mm thick and weighs about 39g. It is waterproof, rated at 5ATM and has an amazing silicone strap that users can replace with any standard 20mm strap. There’s also an inbuilt heart rate monitor that can estimate VO2 max and track heart rate variability alongside a sleep tracker.

The vivoactive runs a custom software and features a 1.2” screen (240 x 240px) with the Gorilla Glass 3. This Glass 3 is also a transflective screen, which offers great visibility in daylight. Music with LTE will be available in a month or two, but the pricing is yet to be announced (while the regular Music is $300).