Fake Alexa App That fools Thousands Of Users

There are millions of apps on the apple app store, between that huge amount of apps ig really gets hard to choose which app is read and which one is fake. between all those apps a fake Alexa app made its way to the apple store's top chart.

Apple seems to be very careful on publishing apps on the store, but somehow this app doesn't only get published, but also it made its way to the top chart list. usually, Apple removes such apps before they do anything, but this one gets missed somehow. the app trended on number 6 in the top free chart. 

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular gift items in the US, so on the occasion of Christmas many people were willing to set up their new device, this is how the app made to top charts.

this app claims to set up the device with up-to-date software. the creators of the app have claimed that:

“We teach you how to correctly set up your device, and give you essential commands.”

But when apple noticed it, they have removed this app from the store. On Friday Amazon stated that the app has been removed from the app store. but for the next time when you install an app, you must check some attributes from the app. 

Publisher: Always install an app from trusted publishers only.

Review: If there are reviews available for the app, you must read them. usually, you will know from here about the app.

Permission: After installing the app if the app asks for permission which it shouldn't ask then you should immediately remove the app.