Every Brain is Beautiful: Autism can be an Advantage

Today, people whose brains work in unusual ways are clearly defined as people with  “disabilities”.  But what if we accepted the variation as normal and then looked for unique abilities and hidden potential in every since and unique mind?

Have you ever wished that you could remember details accurately? What if you had the ability to speed-read? And what about concentration; can you handle repetitive tasks with endless precision and follow a train of thought for long hours without interruption?

These are all skills that are common for individuals diagnosed autism and yet the world fails to realize that under selective situations, these skills would seem like superpowers.There is in fact a growing movement afoot that taps into the employment potential there, and it’s essential especially since the unemployment rate for people with autism is 84%. 1

it is time to examine the upside of the idiosyncrasies of an autistic mind and then proceed to unlock the potential of all kinds of thinkers.

The creative Autism Advantage

The other side of a mind that thrives on detail, repetition, and process, is one that seems boundlessly wired for creativity. 

And what if that’s true of many people with autismand we have simply not helped them find their means for communication?

Our limited ideologies about what constitutes as “intelligence” and “education” might be what stops us from identifying all the special skills in the brains that don’t work like ours.

A study in the UK has found out that there may be as many as a quarter of a million autistic adults there who are still undiagnosed. And considering the fact that autism is a spectale of behaviors, we can subtly pressure autistic people to fall in line, to reduce tremendous waste of potential.