Embracing a Language that Brings Us Closer

Generally speaking, there are up to 7,000 unique written and spoken languages in the world today. However, there’s one that can help us all to connect to each other—even without words!

Long before time, from the first moment we laid eyes on each other, humans have been communicating via visuals and now, for the most part, we’ve moved on from drawing on cave walls, and are now scrolling through our devices, sending cartoon faces, or vegetables, and icons to make those once toneless written words depict the exact meaning we’d like.

The question is; does this universal language have the ability to change our society?

Here's something that may make you think differently about emojis

These emotion depicting emojis, or icons, are making it easier for us to communicate with and learn from each other across social or. cultural variations and ability levels.

According to Jenna Schilstra, an Analyst in Customer Technology Marketing at UPS. Visually representing our ideas, thoughts and feelings around us deeply enhances in how humans communicate. She believes that we are in total control of how we utilize this tool to close language skill gaps, break cultural barriers, and stop misunderstanding that “ok” in an offensive tone. 

Just imagine a world where we alll communicated with each other. What can't be enhanced? What wouldn't we learn or accomplish? How much more could we grow?

We are living in a time where we have the ability to exchange thoughts with people living across the globe, and now we also have a virtual cave wall to make our connections even stronger.