Driverless cars in our future

It turns out, the systems that nature has spent billions of years perfecting can translate beautifully to the way we design and build feasible futuristic transportation!

It appears, our body systems could inspire our transportation in the future. Think about it. Our transport and circulatory system is basically a wonder, It fits hundreds of thousands of miles of roadways into our bodies, and then transports trillions of blood cells through them with little wasted space, energy, or time. Imagine if getting to work everyday in rush hour worked that smoothly!

For self-described “transport geek” Wanis Kabbaj, imbibing these natural systems to our highways, streets, and cities is not just another experiment in distant, science fiction thinking. It is a reality we could see in the very near future, and a dream powered by the driver-less cars of today!

So, buckle up, and enjoy this very thought-provoking and possibility inspiring Talk from the TED stage.

The Nature of Futuristic Transportation

How many pyramids worth of time do we actually sit in traffic? 

Wanis admittedly stated that before watching the talk he was in a camp that saw a future of self-driving cars and futuristic transportation as a far-off daydream. His love for the idea is as a result of the fact that it puts into perspective the possibility out there and also re-frames innovation in terms we can all understand, though the lens of our own bodies.

We do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to figuring out how to move a lot of volume through a compact and efficient system  The very first step should be looking internally.

There are many solutions like this out there. We simply have to change the way we look at the natural world—especially as a source of inspiration! Nature has already done the countless iterations along with years of experimentation, so why not use that?

The more we look at biology as a source of inspiration, the more we inspire the possibility and innovation that will actually make the future unlimited!