Crazy things you've never noticed until now

Let's focus on little things, those crazy little things that are easy to miss but often have bigger details than we would actually think.

Anyone with a favorite TV show will tell you that you are likely to always pick up on things you missed the more you watch the show and in the long run, you might be really surprised to learn how many details you’ve missed when it comes to a lot of things in life. 

Here are a few!

Repeated Rhymes Rhythm

There is something really crazy about the most popular nursery rhymes presented in the market. This is due to the fact that the famous alphabet song, Bah Bah Black Sheep, and Twinkle Twinkle all have the exact same melody. They might have been different the first couple of times you heard it, but they are the same now that you already know this crazy fact. Did you ever notice? 

The LG Logo

At first glance, the LG logo just happens looks like winking face that also happens to form the company name.

With a little imagination, though, you can see that it easily becomes Pacman once the “L” is moved into the right spot. Now that's really funny don't you think? 

Lazy Pokemon

There is something truthful when you say that Pokemon creators are actually very lazy due to the name of the characters that they have come to make. The characters whose names include Erkans and Arbok, which is snake and cobra (though they made a little variation and changed the “c" to “k") spelled backwards, are examples of this fact. Other characters were also created this way, which you should be able to discover on your own.


Whenever you write the word “bed” , it would resemble the bed where you lay to sleep or take a nap at night or during the day. You might have not yet noticed this, but this fact has gone viral over the Internet for a number of times.  I really don't think writing the word bed would ever be the same again, now that you know this.

Crayola Boxes

For most of us, it’s probably been awhile since we have actually held a box of Crayola crayons or colored pencils in our hands, but you can never really forget what one looks like.

When it came to the boxes for the colored pencils, you may remember that they always came with a cutout at the top of the box, which we always assumed was just used to show of the pencils inside.

Take another look, though, and you will notice that the cutout is actually in the shape of a big smile, presumably to represent all the fun you will have while coloring.

Your USB Cord

Though you’ve probably never noticed this because a lot of USB cords have silver metal, this picture makes it a little bit clearer. Have you ever noticed that they look a little bit like the head of a duck?

While we have no idea if this was an intentionally-made design decision, it’s one that’s actually quite fun once you notice it. Now,  I'm sure I'd stare at my cord everytime I pick it up.