Celebrating Solar And How Far We’ve Come

Fact: Did you know the very first solar cell was created in 1883?

Yes, even over 135 years ago people were looking up for an unlimited power source. Then, why does solar energy seem like such a modern endeavour?

Given, back then they were outmatched by coal plants because the early solar cells weren’t exactly the most efficient way of producing power. But now we are currently in a new era of solar technology. An era where solar energy improvements are making real progress possible!

When it comes to the future of sustainable energy, there is quite a lot to be excited about. While having zero to minute impact on our planet it, bringing power to not only some of the most remote areas, but is also working to power the larger cities across the planet.

We have to celebrate the fact that we are headed in the right direction when it comes to power!

And although climate change is still having an enormous impact on the planet, but simply knowing that solar is already making a dent in the movement toward sustainable and renewable energy resources gives the layperson, like many of us hope.

Given, there is a still lot yet to be done, but we are still able to see upcoming victories in this uphill battle!

With countries still heading toward grid parity, solar panels becoming even more affordable, and, with ever-increasing solar energy advancements, more people are getting access to solar power. This is, without a doubt, something worth celebrating!