Better Living Through Robotics

Have you ever thought about the little ways technology makes your life easier and even more stress-free every day?

From our cars to our kitchens to our smartphones, modern, everyday life is made possible by technology. So, where exactly are we headed? What technologies will become indispensable to us in coming years?

Robots, perhaps, are the most beloved and mythologized pieces of technology in the world today. But even with their long history, I am yet to see a metallic creature scuttling around my room tidying it up, neither have I sent an automaton to do my errands.

But maybe the visions of a modern life filled with robots improving our quality of life are not so far off!

The Future of Robotics.

From snake robots to squishy robot friends, there is so much potential out there. And the best thing about the future of robots is that it is going to incorporate people from so many different fields of thinking. The robotic technologies that will make their way into our lives in the years to come will take over  the expertise of engineers, coders, designers, biologists, artists, psychologists, whatever you can think about, robotics can only be improved by a diversity of perspectives.

These are the exact kind of opportunities we should be sharing with even our youngest minds! If only we can light a spark of interest for a student to carry with them, we would be giving them the keys to the future!

Over a decade ago, it seemed pretty impossible that a cell phone could do anything more than call, and maybe sometimes text, but now, however, they seem to have become an indispensable part of our lives! I, personally, can’t wait to see how robots will do the same in the decade or so to come.