Best Survival games this year

This genre will have you on the edge of your seat while you strive to relish the awesome experience and stay alive.

It really doesn't matter if you are fleeing from zombies, protecting your comrades or simply avoiding the bites from poisonous insects, installments of this nature tend to pull players into unique and overwhelming situations that automatically has you on your toes.

This category has lot of different niches like nature, fantasy, player vs player (PVP), horror and most times even a compilation of  all and this eliminates the idea of one size fits all!

In no particular order, here are the best survival games of 2018.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is not played as a person but as a community of people. It forces players to endure the zombie apocalypse while also managing a crew of survivors all the while creating plenty of high-stakes moments that has it's players constantly looking over their shoulders. Combat is satisfyingly brutal as the zombies inspire some real fear of permanent death, and the bugs are just over persistent.

Supplies are scarce so the bigger your community grows, the more you'll need to support it. This means you'll be making constant excursions into the big open world of hungry cannibals. 


Frostpunk puts you in charge of building the last city on a completely frozen Earth that is at a temperature of -20 degrees. 

it gives a nice blend of city-building, society simulation, and survival in a grim world. With a handful of cold, hungry and unhappy people, you would need to construct a working city inside a snow-filled crater, gather resources, scavenge for food, and manage your people by giving them hope for the future. 

With Frostpunk, you're always between a rock and a hard place. You can never make a decision in the game from a position of comfort—you constantly have to be on guard as one minute you think you're safe and then the next something happens to wrong-foot you! 


What sets this game apart from others is the feature underwater experience! You get to spend the vast majority of your time underwater all the while, surviving attacks from alien creatures and exploring the map. 

Your goal as the player, is to persist and try to make sense of the alien-sea environment. On top of that, there is a clock ticking on your survival, so you'll need to get on your fins quickly! With this sequel, the deeper you go in the sea, the deeper the nightmares become.

It is also a positive change from the familiar open world plots and muted destinations.

Conan Exiles

This game is set in Conan Universe which is an unforgiving place filled with dangers around every corner. It includes wolves and giants and other terrors that stalk the world. And let us say you manage to survive all that, there is also a sandstorm and the brutal northern cold that can also be your downfall.

While exploring this world, you are bound to run into various creatures and humans that are as hostile to you as the terrible weather. Basically, there is never have a dull moment as something is always trying to kill you. 

This installment has a way engrossing it's players as the story unfolds.