Best mac

Best Mac 

The best Macs are better than ever now that both macOS Mojave and the new MacBook Air have arrived. And, if you’re thinking about going picking up one of the best Macs this season, keep in mind that specs, performance and design mean way more in how they interact with the OS itself than any of them separately. The important question remains; which Mac is right for you?

1. MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid-2018)

I dare say that this is the most powerful MacBook ever made. If you need the most performance you can get in a MacBook, and you can afford it, you’ll want to look at the MacBook Pro 15-inch. With hexa-core 8th-generation processors and up to 32GB of RAM, you won’t be held back by anything you throw at this thing – especially now that you can get Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics. With this kind of performance, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best Macs of all time. 

Unique features

It is extremely powerful 

Has more RAM


It is expensive

2. 21.5-inch iMac (2017)

This is an example of modest strides in an economical package. This Apple iMac is a perfect example of good value.  There’s no touchscreen, but when it costs so much less than Microsoft’s Surface Studio, it’s not that much of a loss. Instead, you’re getting a 7th-generation Intel desktop-class processor and your choice of an IPS display carefully wrapped in an all-metal chassis.

The good

It has excellent value

It is also powerful, even at entry level

The bad

Poor audio performance

Baffling mouse charging method

3. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (13-inch, mid-2018)

One of the biggest complaint with the MacBook Pro was that it was still using Kaby Lake processors, even though its competition had moved ahead. Luckily, the MacBook Pro 2018 changed everything, and is more powerful than ever before. Its controversial Butterfly keyboard is improved – with less noise and more reliability. It’s easy to recommend the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2018 for anyone looking for the best Mac. 


It is much more powerful than the former

 More storage 

 Keyboard learning curve 

4. iMac Pro

If you’re a professional or a creative, and you need something that will be able to tackle any workload you could possibly throw at it, you’re going to love the iMac Pro. Not only does it have a vivid 27-inch 5K display with a P3 wide color gamut, but it’s also packed with the most powerful hardware Apple could get its hands on. It’s extremely expensive, but if you’re looking for unbridled power to get through professional workloads, the iMac Pro is the best Mac for you. 


Most powerful Mac you can buy 

Gorgeous, color-accurate display


Very expensive 

5. 13-inch MacBook Air (2018)

This product is thinner, lighter, more productive something faithful followers have been waiting for. It has a Retina display for the first time, and is easily the best MacBook Air we’ve ever used. With 8th-generation processors, more RAM and faster SSDs, the MacBook Air is also more powerful than ever. 


It features a small, lighter design

It has a beautiful Retina display  


It is a bit underpowered