Apple's new iPad is prone to bending

In a video uploaded by a YouTuber by name of Zach Nelson has proved that Apple's new iPad Pro has a problem with its manufactured parts as the 5.9mm thick device broke with the very little force he applied with just his hands. 

The latest model was released exactly two months ago and Apple has attested to the fact that the device has some issues that could be a result from the cooling process it underwent when its metal and plastic components were assembled. 

A lot of users also came forward in agreement to the issue, stating that their own iPadPros, which had cost them up to  $799 had been changing it's original shape even though most of them had treated their devices like a baby. 

This situation follows a previous issue with the iPhone 6 Plus which customers had reported to have bent easily in their pockets which had caused Apple to change the casing to an even stronger shell that has aluminum as it major component. 

As is expected, iPadPro users are advised to handle their devices with care and are advised to use a case with their device to prevent any kind of damage. 

However, it should be noted that Apple puts their products through series of tests before the devices officially hits the shelves so it is somewhat unlikely that many users would have their own iPads broken in half just like Nelson does. 

Overall, the new Pros have promised to run at a quick and amazing speed and may even be faster than most laptops and desktops being sold which allows it to be substituted for the traditional laptop.