Apple fans likely faced chaos as they tried to activate iphones received this Christmas

The assumption is that Santa must have—all too generously given out millions of iPhones to lucky persons this Christmas. 

As at last year, half all the presents that involved new phones that were were opened and activated at Christmas were iPhones. This year promised to be even more are the devices are even the more popular, thus extremely demanding.

The question is if Apple adequately preapared for the massive pressure on its servers which is would be as a result of all the new owners that would be in a hurry to activate their new devices?

Apple's system would definitely have to work twice as hard to enable them to manage the traffic that would be generatedvas people switch on and activate their phones to the servers. 

Ewan Spence, Tech expert for apple declared that the problem would be apparent when the new devices were activated, logged on to the App Store and updated for latest iOS. 

Times back, activations have been reported to be slow and tricky because of the massive volumes which happen during seasons of giving or when the products are launched. 

Yesterday, Apple proved to be on its toes as the servers however worked just fine and there appeared to be no problems on the horizon and a good number of persons got their phones working immediately, although, they had to wait a little while before their gadget was up and working. Those having difficulties were directed to visit Apple’s handy help page.