5 Xiaomi Products at Less Than 1000, And You Did't Knew About

Xiaomi made its way to the public market by making an affordable smartphone, but Xiaomi is a lot more than being just a smartphone company. The company is also manufacturing many other products, not just the smartphone. MI Band, Mi TV, Mi Router, Mi Pen are some most popular example of them. Xiaomi offers a wide range of product, at a lesser price when compared to its competitors.  In fact, it offers some product at less than 1000 Rupee. Here we have a list of top 5 amazing products, Xiaomi is offering at less than 1000.

Mi Earphone

Xiaomi has manufactured earphones in a wide range of verities but here we are talking about the earphone which has an inbuilt mic. The earphone will cost you just 699 and you can get them in two colour variants. the colours available are silver and black. The Earphone is also equipped with buttons so users can control volume, answer a call and do much of thins if you have Mi phone then you can also customize them. The sound of the earphone is good and are suitable for daily use. 

10000 mAh Power Bank

We often run out of power in our smartphone, and if you live out of home for a long time, then its really hard to leave the smartphone somewhere to charge it. So Mi is offering a 10000 mAH power-bank and that too only at Rs 899.  The power bank has two USB output so you can charge two devices at a time. the power-bank is ultra slim and lightweight. so if you travel a lot or looking for a power bank, this is something you should look at.  The router comes with 65 MB of ram which ensures that you can experience smooth gaming. Mi also offers android and ios app to control the settings of the router which makes it more user-friendly and anyone without any technical knowledge can operate it with ease. 

Mi Router 3C

When most of the routers, don't have a lot of functionality within them, MI 3C is something will all the features you would expect from an advanced router. the router has 4 antennas to boost up signals and can support up to 300 Mbps of speed.  with its amazing performance, the 3C boost up signal coverage area and with high speed the router is ideal for smooth video streaming, playing games and almost everything you would love to do with it.

Mi selfie stick

In the selfie-centric world,  everyone loves to take selfies, and when you have a selfie stick with you it clicking selfies are much better. the selfie stick cost yours 699 in India. this is the cheapest and best selfie stick you can have in India right now. the stick is so lightweight that carrying it with you is much comfortable, it only weights something around 132g. To use it you can either pair it with Bluetooth and can also just plug it in with an audio jack. it has a jack and also has a physical shutter button in it.  the stick will work on almost all the android devices running on android 4.2.2 and above.

Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable

Having a right USB cable sometime helps up a lot. the cable comes with a micro USB to type c USB support. the cable will only cost you RS 249. with using it to charge your phone you can also use it for data transfer, and for transferring data it has blazing speed. the cable length is 100 Cm and comes handy many times.