5 Things To ExpectFrom Jio In The Upcoming Year

Jio made a grand entry with free data in the market two years ago, and this is the leading company implementing new technologies in India.  this year jio launched Giga fibre and touched the 250 million mark. even after doing that change in the telecom industry, there are a lot more things we can except Jio to launch in the next year. Here are the 5 new technologies we can expect jio to launch in 2019.

JioPhone 3 launch

After Successfully launching jioPhone 1 and  JioPhone 2, the telecom giant with obviously going to launch JioPhone 3 in the upcoming year. till now we can make any prediction about jiophone 3 but it will be something more improved version of the jioPhone 2  and 3. 


We all were living on 2G or 3G until jio introduced 4G.  According to reports jio is gonna to launch 5G, 6 months after the spectrum auction. A jio employee has claimed that jio already have 5G ready LTE Network, and jio is deploying fibre cables to enhance the network. Although jio is already testing 5G in some localities. and also the change in speed will be much greater in 4G to 5G, with the comparison to 3G to 4G.

Jio VoWIFI Service

Jio is supposed to launch its new service, voice over wifi in the next year, what does this technology mean that you can access to the internet and make a call without any active cellular connection, you just have to connect to Jio Wifi. Most of the recently launched smartphone already support this function, but they may need to push a software update in order to make this service work. Jio has already started testing for VoWiFi in some areas of the country a few days back.

Smart Home

When it comes to predicting future for the technology, smart homes are probably first thing comes to mind. we all love automated stuff, with help of IOT and vast network of jio. jio can connect your smartphone with your home door. it will include all devices in your home, the music system,  the door sensors, lights, fan, ac and everything else you can think of. In short words, you are gonna to connect with every aspect of your life through jio. 

Joi TV

Next year jio is also supposed to launch Jio Tv for the public, this platform will make use of already available fibre network and will deliver channels with 4K support. it may also support some other services like video calling. the company has not officially announced the official launch date for Jio TV but we can predict that this is gonna to launch in the mid of next year.