3 MMORPG you must try in 2018

When it comes to MMORPGs, the best occupy a unique niche; giving us that vast experience of exploring worlds alongside thousands, and even millions of other players. They also don't fall short of blending entertainment and social fun! 

You may be asking yourself? Why is MMORPG so popular? Is it because of its creative games of slaying demons, solving ancient conspiracies and fighting Lovecraftian horrors? Or maybe it's all of them! Nothing beats enjoying a second life as a virtual character. 

The industry has received a lot of competition over the years with new role playing games emerging everyday, each struggling to be the most engaging with different forms of adventure and danger.  

In no particular order, here's a list of MMORPGs that you can't miss out on before 2018 ends! 

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is known as the father of all MMORPGs. It earned this reputation from its popularity and its numerous positive reviews about its really intriguing environment and amazing gameplay.

The game allows you to choose a favorite character and customize it any way in you like. Also, it offers new players a free trial period till level 20, after which you have to buy subscription cards.

This MMORPG mixes elements of steampunk, fantasy, and science fiction to create a unique world, that you, the player, gets to live in.


If you want to lose yourself in a medieval fantasy world were you can do pretty much anything, then ArcheAge is exactly for you! It is known to keep its players hooked.

You can be a powerful warrior and fight battles, or you can focus on the economics and challenges of farming, or better yet, become a pirate that raids and gathers loot. 

There are numerous choices to make and each yields a different result which makes it a very unique and exciting game.


This game is all about an eternal conflict. It puts you in a world that is under an evil siege and you must take a united stand against these forces to save your world.

TERA introduces true combat which is both exciting and rewarding. You would need to time your attacks, dodge attacks and use tactics during combat. This adds new and exciting elements to the game.

For those of you interested in fast-paced MMORPGs, decent storylines and amazing combat systems, then TERA is just the game for you.

And there you have some the most popular MMORPGs! Which is your favorite?