2018 Peugeot 508

It is an undeniable fact that Peugeot is on a roll. After spending so much time producing some humdrum cars, the French company is now launching eye-catching cars that are good to drive and give a great value for money. It began with the 3008 and 5008 SUVs, and now the new 508 is continuing the trend.

This all-new hatchback successor is a very different proposition indeed with chloroformed engines and pacified tyres, this model is a sweetly refined car in which to roll. Although it is reduced in size and has a fastidiously light steering, this Peugeot conveys a likeable, easygoing and agile character, with a decent ride/handling balance and compelling civility which is quite different to those determinedly sporty German rivals.

To these eyes, the 508 is the best-looking front-wheel drive executive car from any mainstream car maker, or ‘high-end generalist brand’ as Peugeot defines it.  And the digitised cockpit is a knockout. The car’s design and interior in one word, unique. It instantly makes rivals with its two-screen set up, one digital display behind the steering wheel and yet another right in the centre of the dashboard, giving you lots to chew over as they are so configurable. 

Almost everything is made of high-quality stuff, and the choices of materials are interesting too. The angular dash and seats look avant-garde and give you lots to explore.

The front seats are also plush and adjust in all sorts of ways, with massage on the upper trim versions. Good for de-stressing on a long trip, or on the commute home after your boss has given you a hard time. Through and through, this model is an appealing good buy.