PUBG Mobile: Payload 2.0 with new weapons and armed vehicles coming soon

PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0

As we all know that in the last few months, PUBG Mobile has made its name in the entire gaming world. Just a short time ago the Government of India has banned the PUBG Mobile in India. But this game is still running without any hindrance in India. Now let’s talk about the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile, it has shared information on its Twitter handle that Payload 2.0 is coming back to PUBG Mobile soon. Its release date is not confirmed yet but some sources are telling that Payload will come on October 10.

In the latest trailer, it indicates that users/gamers will get new weapons, armed vehicles, and the ability to hunt enemies using remote-controlled UAV. Also, there is a new rocket launch that looks like the M202 and a new radar system that lets you scan your area for vehicles.

Apart from the new features vehicles also upgraded with mounted weapons including rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, flamethrowers, and more. Notably, Payload 2.0 will make use of the newly released Erangel 2.0 map and the Chinese version of the game (Game for Peace) has already received the new mode in beta.

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Here’s everything about the Payload 2.0 update for PUBG Mobile:

  • Portable radar: As mentioned above, players will be able to use this radar at any location. This radar will help players to scan for vehicles including cars, helicopters, and boats on the minimap, and also helps in spotting approaching vehicles with enemies.
  • UAV: The mode will also include a new UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle. Players can summon these using a remote device to take down enemies. Notably, the UAV will fly only in a specific direction and players can control the onboard missile launcher.
  • Bomb suit: A special full-body armor, the bomb suit will be able to absorb a considerable amount of damage when it’s worn.
  • New Weapons: Two new weapons are expected to make an appearance on Payload 2.0. First is the AT4-A laser-guided missile, where players can use a laser to pinpoint the exact location where they want the missile to land. The second weapon will be the M202 four-barreled rocket launcher, a high-speed launcher that can quickly fire rockets back-to-back.
  • New Vehicles: All the vehicles now come with weapons including the UAZ, Dacia, Buggy, and the addition of the Pickup. These will come with flamethrowers, machine guns, rocket launchers, as well as the ability to use these cars in the water thanks to inbuilt floaties and propellers. There is also a new advanced helicopter armed with machine guns that can be used by the passengers.
  • Special Base: The map will also include some new buildings that will have a high amount of loot as well as the above mentioned advanced helicopter.


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