Paid Grayscale Test for WeChat

The Tencent WeChat team stated that the current WeChat gray test subscription number payment capability, eligible operators can go to the public platform to activate the payment function. After a successful opening, the operator can set a fee for part or all of the content of the original article, and the user can read the full text after purchasing the article. 


The WeChat grayscale test subscription number has been paid for more than two months, and more than 14,000 public accounts have opened paid reading. The article with the highest income is currently priced at 25 yuan, and the income of an article is 230,000 yuan. However, it is unavoidable to lose powder after opening the payment.

That iOS version of WeChat needs to be paid through Apple IAP, which means that Apple needs to be divided (Apple has become the biggest winner). Prior to WeChat ’s appreciation function, Tencent and Apple reached an agreement, which is 100% cashback For the author, the current WeChat paid reading function needs to first pay Apple, and then settle with WeChat, and the remaining money goes back to the author. The WeChat platform is temporarily unpaid during the grayscale period. After it is officially launched, WeChat also has to be paid. Make money.

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