On Youtube Mobile Website iOS 14 Picture in Picture capability now restored

Here’s a big change youtube brought on its mobile website, now the company has started allowing iOS 14 devices to use the built-in Picture in Picture functionality for its videos, here’s a twist it allowing this without a Premium account. YouTube visitors can use Picture in Picture in Safari.

To recall, iOS 14‌ introduced native Picture in Picture capability to the iPhone for the first time, however, apps have to explicitly support the feature.

YouTube’s native app has never supported Picture in Picture for any of its users even though iPadOS has offered the capability for some time.  Due to this,  ‌iOS 14‌ users have had to resort to using YouTube in Safari as a workaround.

Join Our NNS Channel On TelegramFor now, we cannot guarantee this will follow on a permanent basis or not but stay tuned for more information. iOS 14 introduces the native picture-in-picture function to the iPhone for the first time, but the application must also explicitly support this function. YouTube’s native app has never supported the picture-in-picture feature for any user, but iPadOS has provided this feature for some time. There are reports that YouTube has been testing this feature, but it has not been announced.

Featured Image Courtesy – Macrumors

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