Mr. Modi in G20 Said that It’s Time to Focus on Human Not Target to Economy

In India, Covid-19 has crossed around 700 cases and death cases are around 16. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said that it’s time to focus on human not focus on the economy. India’s government now unveiled 1.7 lakh crore rupees for help to those people who hit by the lockdown situation in India. All over the world Covid-19 has crossed around 21,000 cases of death.

G20 is the virtual summit where Mr. Modi has to said about humidity and he said about the responsibility to human and nation. The whole world is suffering from a dangerous disease i.e. Corona Virus. And for the human safety of Indians Mr. Prime Minister took that lockdown step. In this situation, the Indian government also concern toward the human and due to the human concern Mr. Modi has announced “Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana”. In this Yojna Mr. Modi said 80 crore people can have the glossary for the next three months and with respect of this yojna they unveiled some money to the bank account for the next three month. That money would be 500 Rs. which will reflect in the poor people’s account in every month for the next three month.

This is a very critical situation to all and day by day the death figure and positive cases figure are increased. And that’s because PM took this decision of country lockdown. This is only the way which can protect human and our nation properly. We all should have the responsibility to give respect to this decision of PM. In India, almost all states are affected by Covid-19. But we should need to protect us very strictly and follow all the guidelines which are given by our government.

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