Microsoft Win 10 May 2020 new feature

Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced that the next major version update of the Windows 10 operating system will include a new security option that will allow users to enable Windows Defender to detect and block known The installation of PUA (potentially harmful application).

PUA, also known as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), refers to software installed on a computer by deceiving users. Such software is “potentially harmful” to PCs, such as bundling unwanted application programs with installers of legitimate programs or using silent installation without user consent. PUAs usually include apps with their own ads. They track users and sell their data to advertisers’ apps. These programs change browser settings, install root certificates, or disable security controls.

This feature will be added to Microsoft Win 10 May 2020. Microsoft said it has added an option to the Windows 10 settings panel, which allows users to prevent the installation of known PUA threats. Users can do this by the following methods:

Go to “Start”> “Settings”> “Update and Security”> “Windows Security Center”> “App and Browser Control”> “Reputation-based Protection Settings”.

This feature is turned off by default, so users must manually enable it after updating it to May 10, 2020 (v2004). When enabled, the function has two settings. Microsoft recommends that users enable both.

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