Microsoft Laptop saved owner’s life by stopping a Stray Bullet

Microsoft Laptop saved owner’s life

Laptop saved the owner’s life – Yeah! you heard it correct, Microsoft Surface Book did this impossible thing to possible, nowadays the laptops are really well-built, we can’t believe it actually happened but getting the reliable source the new is true.

According to the Twitter user, Aaron (@itsExtreme_), a stray bullet came through the floor of his apartment, went through his bed, and finally stopped when it hit the Surface Book laying on the bed. The incident moment through pic he shared a tweet, thanking Microsoft for “literally” saving his life.

We can assume that Aaron’s life really in danger and the laptop saved him from the bullet. The Surface Book got shattered by the impact. As we know that Microsoft makes the chassis of Surface Book laptops with machined-magnesium, which is surely a tough material.

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