Microsoft: $13.7 million in bug bounties paid in the past 12 months

Microsoft previously launched a bug bounty program, when global security researchers found zero-day vulnerabilities and other security flaws in Windows and Microsoft software, Microsoft will pay for these discoveries. A new blog post recently published by Microsoft digs deeper into the program, showing that Microsoft awarded $13.7 million in bug bounties over the past 12 months.

According to Microsoft, the $13.7 million prize was shared by more than 330 security researchers in 46 countries. The maximum reward associated with Hyper-V is $200,000 (approximately 1.348 million RMB). In addition, Microsoft says that the average reward for all bug bounty programs is about $12,000. For reference, Microsoft paid a similar amount in 2020.

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But now there are two updated bounty programs, more researchers and qualifying reports between two years. As an upgrade to the Bug Bounty Program, Microsoft has introduced a new research challenge and high-impact attack scenario to reward research focused on the most critical areas of its products.

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