iPhone 11 tips you may not know about

Many users have begun to study and work on the home. At the identical time, the frequency of use of electronic merchandise adores mobile phones has conjointly multiplied considerably.

1. Use iCloud folder sharing function to share folders with colleagues and friends

You can share folders with friends, family, co-workers, and students through non-public links on iCloud Drive. Anyone with access will read shared folders in iCloud Drive, add personal files, and acquire the most recent version of files.

2. Search for photos in the Photos app based on their content

The Photos app identifies places and objects in photos and lets you easily search them. For example, you can search for keywords like “cat” or “sport” to find related photos.

3. Use a transparent background Memoji sticker in WeChat app

iOS 13.4 and iPadOS thirteen.4 have an additional nine fantastic emoji stickers. From celebration to rolling eyes or anger, you’ll be able to use emoji stickers to precise. Use the subsequent strategies to feature emoticons with a clear background to alternative instant electronic communication app emoji libraries:

1. Go to the Messaging app and make your own Memoji;

2. Create a new memo page in the memo app, click the Emoji icon on the iPhone keyboard, and enter the Memoji you made;

3. Click on a single entered Memoji, and then click the up arrow icon at the bottom left and then click “Save Image” in the list that appears;

4. Memoji has been saved in your photo app. After that, you can add the emoticon library of other instant messaging apps (such as WeChat) in the normal way and keep the emoticon background transparent.

4. Add dictionary to iOS search

The search function of the iPhone’s home screen has a dictionary search function. To add a new dictionary, go to “Settings”> “General”> “Dictionary” and click the relevant dictionary to download it.

5. Turn entire web pages or emails into shareable PDF files

You can quickly produce PDFs for web content, documents or email. simply take a screenshot and choose “Full Page” within the screenshot page to save lots of it as a PDF file. albeit your screen capture is just a part of an internet page or email, iOS “full page” screenshots flip the complete content into a PDF file.

6. Use your iPhone as a tape measure

The measuring device app that comes with the iPhone turns your iPhone into tapeline exploitation increased reality (AR) technology. simply open the measuring device App, follow the on-screen prompts, regulate the device so the dots are on the activity start line, so faucet the “+” button. Continue moving the device so the dot is at the tip of the activity, then faucet the “+” button once more. Measure, get it!

7. Switch Bluetooth connection in the control center

You don’t get to attend Settings to change Bluetooth connected devices. Swipe down from the highest right of the iPhone to talk about the center, then use to carry down the pad of the Bluetooth icon, and to carry down the Bluetooth ”icon once more, all offered Bluetooth devices around you’ll be displayed, permits you to simply switch frequency. victimization an equivalent technique, you’ll be able to conjointly simply switch WLAN signals.

8. Delete the wrong numbers in the calculator

I entered the wrong number in the calculator app, but I do n’t want to clear (“C”). I lost all my calculations before? In this case, it is easy to delete a single number, just swipe left or right on the number. Every swipe ⼀ deletes a number.

9. Swipe left to quickly turn on the camera and use the snapshot function to capture surprises

On the lock screen, swipe left to show on the camera straight off. you are doing got to unlock the phone before turning on the camera. once getting into the picture shooting, if you discover that some excitement should be crazy the video, you’ll be able to still press and hold the picture fast button to use the “quick record” perform. If you wish to continue recording, you’ll be able to swipe right.

10. Use the keyboard to control the cursor position, swipe left with three fingers to undo the operation, double-tap the space bar to end the sentence

When coming into text, press and hold the key on the iPhone keyboard to maneuver the pointer indiscriminately and insert anyplace within the text; if you create a blunder, swipe left with 3 fingers to “undo” and swipe right with three fingers to “redo” additionally, double-clicking the key once coming into text can directly add an amount, thus there’s no got to specifically enter an amount, creating it easier for you to kind.

11. Filtering messages from strangers

In the electronic messaging App, you’ll filter messages from unknown senders, a feature that’s particularly helpful once handling a spammy flood of text messages. visit Settings> Messages and switch on Filter Unknown Senders. This turns off iMessage notifications for senders WHO are n’t in your contacts and categorizes them as “Not in Contacts” tabs.


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