iOS 14 new features exposed iCloud keychain supports two-factor authentication

Apple is working to improve the iCloud keychain password manager on iOS, which has dual-factor password integration and other functions. The new features described were discovered based on the earlier version of iOS 14

Apple iOS have the iCloud keychain function, which is responsible for storing all user passwords. However, it lacks some important features compared to competing applications like Password and LastPass. iOS 14 may soon change this situation.

Apple is testing some major changes to the iCloud keychain on iOS 14. Users will be warned to use duplicate passwords, so for security reasons they can avoid using the same password on multiple sites.

there will be a new way to save the two-factor authentication password . This means that you can log in to compatible websites without using only iCloud keychain, SMS, email or other less secure methods.

1Password and other similar applications require payment or subscription use, and Apple can attract more users through the iCloud keychain upgrade because the service is free for users who own Apple devices.

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