iOS 14 may get these 2 useful Android features

iOS 14

At times, iOS copies Android data, and the other way around. So it would appear that Apple will add two exceptionally reasonable features to Google’s operating system on iOS 14.

App Drawer and Widgets

There have been rumors for quite a while that iOS will have an application drawer, a feature that Android has from its first steps. On the off chance that Apple makes this expansion, it will permit users to expel useless icons from the iPhone’s main screen.

It was as of late announced that iOS 14 will finally introduce an application drawer to Apple’s operating system. As indicated by more up to date reports, there is a strong possibility that the new version of iOS will be able to modify the original iPhone screen and move widgets.

The Android has widgets from the beginning and even now is highly modifiable, while providing many possibilities to the user. On the other hand, Apple’s widgets simply take the place of the app’s icon. Based on what has become known, widgets can be moved and modified.

Also, app icons may be removed. So, logic says that there will be an app drawer that will allow access to “hidden” applications.

It seems that Apple has decided to make the iPhone operating system a little more useful and will make some important additions to iOS 14.


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