Huawei: pre-research 6G will use the millimeter wave band

Huawei 6G

C terminal four variables B terminal three levels

In 2019, with the global deployment of 5G commercial deployment, Huawei has ushered in new growth opportunities.

Although nearly 100 5G commercial contracts have been held, the Chinese communications giant still faces many disadvantages: the global epidemic, the construction of 5G networks in many countries has been affected; the United States is blocked, and Huawei ’s global 5G business development is still full of variables.

However, Huawei’s development in China has been smooth. For example, China ’s three major operators launched a new round of 5G equipment acquisition early this year, and Huawei has become the biggest winner. In the joint acquisition project of China Unicom and China Telecom’s 2020 5G SA wireless main equipment, Huawei also achieved the first share.

“In the past year, China’s 5G development has made great progress,” Yang Tao said. The first is the frequency. China is developing 5G based on mid-frequency. “We found that nearly 90% of operators around the world have chosen mid-frequency. Therefore, China is at a very good start for the entire 5G IF. “

Second, in the entire 5G network construction part, China has built 190,000 base stations so far, and it is expected to reach between 500,000 and 600,000 stations throughout the year. “In this way, China is also in the leading position in the overall scale of 5G construction.”

Third, on the C side, the three operators have developed 50 million 5G subscribers so far, and it is expected to reach 200 million throughout the year.

Fourth, on the B side, there are currently 19 industries and thousands of enterprises and institutions in China that are carrying out innovative work based on 5G, and scenario solutions are becoming more mature.

Yang Tao said that for Huawei, there are four variables in the development of toC: business, network experience, commercial pricing, and terminals. “The business is mainly to do three major consumer items, including high-definition video, cloud games, and VR; network experience is With the breadth and density of national station coverage, a better experience is achieved; the business model refers to the process of operator promotion, and the terminal should cover various user segments. “

The development of toB passes through three levels, including industry standards, the maturity of the industry chain, and laws and regulations.

AI solves 5G energy consumption and optimization is the key to overcome

“For 5G, the problems to be solved are very different for C and B. The construction rules, maintenance rules, and user rules are different. This is a new topic.” Yang Tao said that Huawei has very rich experience in toC. But to has yet to be resolved together. In addition, 5G also faces power consumption and energy consumption problems. How to use artificial intelligence to solve energy consumption problems and optimization problems is also a problem that needs to be overcome.

Regarding the “5G news” launched by operators, Yang Tao said that he should look at this new product with a development perspective.

“RCS is the predecessor of 5G messaging, and security is an advantage because operators have to complete sound authentication access to each user, so they can ensure traceability, that is, know where the message comes from. This is 5G messaging and OTT The difference between the news products is also an advantage. “

He admitted that the prospects for 5G news cannot be predicted at the moment. “I look forward to seeing the development of the market, and I will test the future of this product in practice.”

Predict that 6G will use the millimeter-wave band as the main

Yang Tao said that Huawei judges that from 2020 to 2025, operators’ investment in the entire mobile market will probably be more than 180 billion US dollars. “We estimate that 90% will come from 5G, and the proportion will be higher and higher. Judging from the overall situation, the market will be more predictable in the next five years.”

“Huawei is a three-generation philosophy for many products: the previous generation, the development generation, and the pre-research. So the general pre-research will take a long time in advance,” said Yang Tao. In the 6G part, Huawei has a judgment that 6G is mainly based on the millimeter-wave band. , And is currently in the stage of scene mining and technology search.

“We expect some use of 6G in 2030, and Huawei is also actively participating in this work,” Yang Tao said.


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