Google Fi will stop working this January, new Messages for web coming

Google Fi

According to the latest information, Google emailed Fi subscribers how their conversations will move to Messages by Google. Recently the company announced a Phone subscription program, now Support documents lay out in detail what to expect and that Fi texting in the Hangouts app will stop working at the start of next year.

Hangouts is going to retire. Through Google, Chat users will be able to move their conversations, contacts, and history to the new Chat platform.

If you are wondering how Google Chat be different? So it is simple, Hangouts features like direct and group messaging will definitely available in Google Chat and helpful additions like send to inbox, faster search, emoji reactions and suggested replies.

Hangouts users are encouraged to start using the Messages app, Messages is getting a major update that’s tailored to Fi customers and adds many classic features. Here’s how it will be done,

Option 1: Send and receive texts only (chat features available with this option)
RCS allows for high-resolution photos and typing indicators, but you’ll be using the exact same QR code pairing process available today that requires “your phone to stay connected” to the web browser.

Option 2: Text, make calls, and check voicemail that sync to your Google Account (chat features not available with this option)
The alternative is more akin to what classic Hangouts does on the web. You’ll also have the key ability to transfer your old texts (SMS/MMS) from Hangouts, which option 1 does not allow.

Make calls, send texts, and check voicemail with your phone or computer. Even when your phone is off, text conversations stay synced across the Messages mobile app, Messages for web, and Hangouts (while Hangouts supports Fi).

For a similar experience to Hangouts, we recommend you use Option 2.

Behind the scenes, Google notes that “Call history is stored online for 180 days and doesn’t sync with the Google Phone app,” and that “Text messages and voicemail are stored online until you delete them.”

Option 2 is not yet here and will go live in the Messages app over the “coming days.” The following instructions will let Google Fi be associated with Messages for web, and migrate Hangouts history:

  • [In Messages for Android] Go to Settings > Advanced > Google Fi settings. If this option isn’t available yet, check back later
  • Sign in using your Google Fi account
  • Tap Sync conversations
  • Come back and refresh this page if it hasn’t updated

Looking ahead, you won’t be able to use the classic Hangouts apps to send/receive texts or make/receive voice calls and voicemail on January 19, 2021. By that date, users will use Option 1.

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