Google Cloud adds security features for sensitive workloads

Google Cloud

Google Cloud presented two new security administrations on its cloud stage, including a VM administration, which is a part of Google’s secret figuring portfolio. These administrations take into account carefully controlled and security-delicate enterprises, including the open part, medicinal services, and budgetary administrations.

The Confidential Virtual Machine (now in Beta) is a data protection technology and the first product in the company’s confidential computing data encryption plan.


To bring isolation and sandboxing to the “next level”, confidential VMs use hardware’s secure encryption virtualization to provide memory encryption on AMD EPYC CPUs. Currently, all Google Cloud Platform workloads running in VMs can run on confidential VMs.

The government’s “guaranteed workload” created a controlled environment in which US data location and personnel access control were automatically implemented. The technology is designed to enable federal, state, and local agencies to serve critical workloads in the cloud without compromising compliance.

At present, in the United States, the government’s guaranteed workload is in the stage of private testing. It will be generally available with beta features this fall.

Nelly Porter, Google Cloud Senior Product Manager, said: “Confidential computing can help you transform the way your organization processes data in the cloud while preserving confidentiality and privacy.” Among other benefits, organizations will be able to cooperate with each other without compromising data Set confidentiality.

“In turn, this kind of cooperation can lead to the development of more transformative technologies and ideas. For example, it is conceivable that because of this safe cooperation, vaccines can be produced and diseases can be cured faster.”


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