Ghostrunner: Complete Edition is available with launch trailer


Ghostrunner is available starting today on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with the Complete Edition, as confirmed by the launch trailer published by 505 Games.

More than a year after the announcement of Ghostrunner 2, the definitive edition of the excellent first-person action of One More Level arrives, which includes the Project_Hel expansion and all the DLCs at the price of € 39.99.

“Climb the Dharma Tower, a megastructure that serves as humanity’s last refuge, on a violent mission to defeat a cruel tyrant. Stylish, fast-paced, deadly and featuring a ‘one-hit-one-kill’ combat system that encourages and rewards lightning-fast reflexes and immediate decisions, all of these elements make Ghostrunner: Complete Edition the perfect entry point into the franchise for anyone looking for a challenging and fulfilling experience, further enhanced by Daniel Deluxe’s ​​electronic soundtrack that infuses throbbing power to every leap and slash. ”

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“Ghostrunner: Complete Edition includes everything that made Ghostrunner a hit title in 2020 and adds the refinements and post-launch content that One More Level has created since then. The Project_Hel prequel DLC offers a new campaign starring a new playable character. : Hel, is an unstable combat android driven by seething hatred, with special moves that set her apart from the original protagonist Jack. ”

“Master the movements and combat techniques of Ghostrunner: Complete Edition in the post-launch game modes. Blast through Killrun, and defeat enemies along the way to add precious seconds to the timer. Survive the onslaught of enemies with the help of the Random boosts in Roguelike Wave Mode. Assist Mode offers optional perks like shorter skill cooldowns, slower gameplay, and an extra life. Take the perfect snapshot with Photo Mode. “

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