ColorOS 7 official version is open for upgrade

ColorOS 7

The official version of ColorOS 7 is presently open for the upgrade. The first batch is compatible with Reno, Reno Ace, Reno 10x zoom version and different models. see the following figure:

Upgrade method

  • The official version of ColorOS 7 will be upgraded and pushed one after another. The new version can be detected in the “Settings”-“Software Update” interface.
  • Users who have not yet detected the upgraded content can go to “Settings”-“Software Update”-“Setting Icon in the upper right corner”-click “Upgrade to Try” and get the official version push as soon as possible

other instructions

  • Reno, Reno 10x zoom version, Reno Ace and other machines have ended early adopters, and the official version has been pushed;
  • The push version that has been adopted by users and the above two upgrade methods are the same official version, there is no difference;
  • Reno C.08, Reno 10x zoom version C.20, Reno Ace C.22 is already the latest official version. If you have upgraded to the above version or higher, you do not need to apply for qualification again, you can continue to obtain the official version Update.

OPPO ColorOS 7 was released on November 20 a year ago. It is reported that ColorOS 7 embraces the idea of borderless advancement and lightweight design. A softer color system, redrawn icons, and Art + wallpaper, and another quantum animation engine make visual interaction increasingly agreeable. All-weather dark mode, global theme, rich and customized.


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