Apple Magic Trackpad 2 is listed in the Apple Store iPad Accessories section

Apple recently officially released the new iPad Pro and a new iPad protective case with a touchpad, and also previewed the iPad OS 13.4 to bring support for the touchpad and mouse for iPad models. Apple has recently added Magic Mouse 2 / Magic Controller 2 to the Apple Store iPad accessories column.

From this point of view, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Board 2 will no longer be “exclusive” for Mac computers, and users with these Mac accessories will also be able to use it on iPads in the future. It also means that in addition to the Apple Pencil, the iPad has two new official input accessories available. At present, the official price of Magic Control Mouse 2 is 564 yuan, and Magic Control Board 2 is 924 yuan.

That after updating iPadOS 13.4, users can connect Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Board 2 via Bluetooth, and users can also connect with third-party keyboards and mice via Bluetooth.

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