Apple hired cloud computing technologists

Apple has recruited top technology talents in the field of digital cloud computing in the past few months. This move caused a sensation in the industry and may indicate that Apple has finally begun to seriously consider building the same technological infrastructure as companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

New employees recruited by Apple include former Docker engineer and container technology creator Michael Crosby, former Google employee Francesc Campoy, and Amazon Cloud Service AWS former engineer Allen · Arun Gupta and Maksym Pavlenko. Among them, Gupta is now responsible for Apple’s open-source project, and Campoly will develop Kubernetes technology for Apple. It ’s not clear what Apple ’s vision is, but a large number of recruiting jobs indicates that Apple is building new tools for its internal software development team. Apple declined to comment on the new employee plan.

Apple operates huge network services including iCloud file storage service, application store, Apple music, video service Apple TV +, and its own website. However, over the years, Apple has lagged behind companies such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Netflix in the area of ​​technology infrastructure.

At the end of 2018, Apple announced that it would invest $ 10 billion in the construction of data centers over the next five years, adding capacity to the existing five data centers in Iowa. At present, Apple relies heavily on third-party cloud computing services: as of last year, Apple is still one of AWS ‘largest customers, and it has reached a cloud computing cooperation agreement with Google. Now Apple seems to be investing more in the software that the company operates. Around the same time as the announcement of the expansion of the data center, Apple realized that it needed to rethink its inherent software development style, and the newly recruited engineers could help the company build a modern development platform.

For a long time, Apple has been seeking to “own and control” the key technologies that make the product successful, and even hired its own mobile chip development team shortly after the iPhone was launched. As the smartphone and personal computer markets mature, most of Apple’s revenue growth in the past few years has come from the service sector. Now Apple seems to be paying attention to the technology behind these services.

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