Apple: Developers need user permission to track users on other apps and websites

Apple told developers yesterday that at Apple, they believe that privacy is a basic human right. As announced on WWDC20, the App Store product page will include a new privacy information section to help users understand App privacy protection practices.

Apple said that they will release more details for developers to specify what the new privacy section covers. This feature will be rolled out to users before the end of the year.

Before the end of next month, developers will be able to submit relevant information through App Store Connect to prepare for it.

In addition, on iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and Apple tvOS 14, developers need to obtain the user’s permission to track users on apps and websites owned by other companies or access the advertising identifiers of their devices. Apple said they are committed to ensuring that users have the right to choose whether to accept App tracking. In order to allow developers time to make the necessary changes, the requirement for apps to obtain permission to track users will be implemented early next year. More information, including updates to the App Store review guidelines, will be released this fall.

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