Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro leaked

12.9-inch iPad Pro

According to the latest news, Apple is scheduled to launch the new iPad Pro in the second half of the year. It uses a mini LEDs (sub-millimeter light-emitting diode) backlight technology display. Innolux entered the Apple supply chain for the first time to participate in the supply.

The present advancement is that the example has been submitted to Apple, which is the world’s first dynamic framework AM miniLED innovation. Later on, it can likewise be outfitted with an adaptable substrate to offer help for the backdrop illumination required for formed/bent LCDs.

Earlier in the Apple miniLED supply chain was Jingdian, but Innolux, Rongchuang, and Guangye worked together to develop it, which was favored by Apple. Considering that Innolux is Hon Hai’s “family relationship”, the media described it as “pre-increment”.

It is reported that miniLED can effectively improve the contrast, brightness, grayscale, etc. of display devices , and can also make the entire display module light and thin.

Earlier, well-known analyst Guo Mingxuan reported that Apple will come up with at least 4 to 6 mini led display technology devices in the next 2 to 3 years, including the 12.9-inch new iPad Pro in the third quarter.

12.9-inch iPad Pro

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