Alibaba and China Mobile launched 5G private network

5g private

The 5G smart park private network jointly constructed by Alibaba and China Mobile was officially launched. Based on the 5G network deployed by Hangzhou Mobile, XG Lab has developed a new set of 5G private network security architecture systems, which greatly improves the security and ease of use of 5G private network. This architectural design will also form a proposal for submission to 3GPP, which may become part of the 5G R17 global standard in the future.

According to Ali, the XG Lab of Bodhidharma Institute through innovative self-developed EAC (Enterprise Access Controller) based on 5G core network, innovatively realizes the connection between 5G authentication information and enterprise authentication information and builds a safe, intelligent and flexible 5G enterprise. The private network solves this problem.

In this 5G private network environment, employees can directly access the internal network through authorized mobile terminals when entering the campus, and then automatically transfer to the public network after leaving the campus to complete the safe and smooth switch between the public network and the private network. The network management department can also carry out intelligent management of 5G terminals through platforms such as Dingding.

The R & D team of Dharma Institute is also exploring 5G applications in industry scenarios. Through the combination of 5G private network and Alibaba Cloud platform, it is accelerating the implementation of 5G applications in high-definition video, unmanned logistics vehicles, park security, energy management, and other industries. The “last mile” walked more steadily.


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