7 ways to control your Android from a PC

Have you ever feel like you have to send a message from your android but you are too lazy to pick up your phone. And maybe you are reading an interesting article. So we are here to help you in this task we are going to show you the way to flip the concept on its head and management humanoid from the computer.

This would permit the US to reply to WhatsApp and SMS messages without having to get up from the table, retrieve files from our phone, or perhaps open websites we’re currently reading so as to keep reading on the train.

It’s also a cool factor to show off to friends (my definition of the word cool maybe a touch off). Without further stir, let’s count seven awesome ways that and apps to control your android device from a PC!

Control Android from computer


If you liked the sounds of continuing reading an online page on your phone, you ought to look into be a part of it. this is really the tool i use most frequently out of the bunch: if ever i would like to browse a long article on the pc, it’s nice to be ready to retire to the couch and do it on a phone.

Join could be a Chrome App and once you have it put in on your phone, you’ll be able to try the two along. From there, you’ll be able to then send the tab you’re reading to your humanoid device, paste the writing board to your device, write text in an app on your device, send SMS messages, send files, take screenshots of your phone screen (especially helpful if you work for android Authority) and a lot of — Not bad!

This isn’t full control of your smartphone, except for certain applications I realize it’s better, as it’s a lot of lighter and won’t slow down your laptop or crash on you. It also incorporates a few other skills. as an example, it works both ways that and you’ll be able to also ping articles back to your computer.

You can then share your Chrome tab with your humanoid device and carry on reading on the go

The only glaring omission in my opinion is that the lack of WhatsApp support. Otherwise, I believe I’d rarely use the other choices on this list. be a part of is also completely free!


Pushbullet allows you to synchronize multiple devices so as to share files and send messages. This one also supports WhatsApp (Sort of).

While you’ll be ready to send WhatsApp messages and see them pop up after you get new ones, you won’t be ready to retrieve your message history. There’s conjointly a limit of simply one hundred messages (SMS and WhatsApp) per month unless you pay. the professional version could be a fairly pricey $4.99 per month.

For our purposes, there are better and cheaper choices on this list

It has some distinctive options, too. It permits you to manage multiple devices and engage during a kind of chat between them. there’s probably a good argument for PushBullet as a productivity tool for offices. except for our purposes — {trying|making an attempt|attempting} to manage an android from the computer — there are better and cheaper options on this list.


If you were hoping to fully control humanoid from the computer, then you might are left a bit cold by the last 2 options. This one ought to be a bit more up your alley, so long as you’ve got a Samsung device.

Use android on computer

SideSync from Samsung is an app that enables you to either access specific features like viewing notifications and transferring files from a control panel or mirror android to the computer like it were right there in front of you!

This one is even sleek enough for gaming, whereas a full-screen mode makes it nice for media too

SideSync allows you to use any app you’d do directly on your phone and it’s pretty smooth overall. On a wired connection, it’s pretty useable even for gaming and a full-screen mode suggests that you’ll be able to really enjoy consuming media or sharing photos with friends too. It’s not all that a lot of slower when used wirelessly either.

In total, SideSync is one of the most effective choices out there for controlling your android device. solely|the sole} downside is it’s only available for Samsung owners.


For people who aren’t android loyalists, Vysor is the next best option. This app mirrors android to the computer using Chrome, and it’s really really good. you’ll be able to choose from speed and performance but on a wired connection at least, it’s really pretty quick. It also has some attention-grabbing potential options for offices, just like the ability to share one android device with multiple users!

mirror android to computer

As with most of those things, there is a paid and free option. You get tons of a lot of options and higher performance if you go with the paid option. Wireless is just supported on paid for instance, as is the full-screen mode and “high quality mirroring.”

Still, if you don’t have access to SideSync and you want a simple way to check and reply to WhatsApp, this can do the job nicely.

There are a lot of that do similar things in fact, like ApowerMirror. It’s just a matter of finding the one you like most.


Like Join, DeskDock doesn’t mirror android to computer — it offers you differently to control android on a computer. Specifically, this app permits you to share your mouse together with your phone or tablet. So, if your phone is sitting next to your computer, you’ll be able to simply move the mouse over to one facet and it will transition to your android device. this is often handy for quickly opening and shutting apps or browsing the web. It might also potentially be helpful for developers who need to check their app’s functionality on a hardware device from one spot.

There is also a paid version, that permits you to share the keyboard, clipboard, and a lot of. different apps that do something similar include Share Mouse and Keyboard (original name) and synergy – that apparently isn’t quite what it used to be.


AirDroid could be a surprisingly powerful app. In many ways, it’s one thing of an amalgamation of all the options we’ve already seen here. you can send messages, share your writing board, and upload files via a bearing panel. you’ll be able to also mirror your screen, keyboard, and mouse! Screen mirroring isn’t as smooth as SideSync or Vysor, but it’s fine for quickly firing off a WhatsApp message. A lot of the functionality is free, however, you’ll need to pay to get rid of the ads and 30mb file transfer limit. It costs $1.99 per month tho’, that is considerably less costly than something like PushBullet.


Tasker permits us to set up triggers and events on android. That way, we are able to set our phone to try to something automatically once it spots a brand new connection, notification, or location change. each is a part of and PushBullet also has Tasker support baked in, which means you’ll be able to trigger a full vary of phone functions through an SMS or a web page.

Tasker is an app that enables us to line up triggers and events on android

There, are lots of potential applications for this, whether you would like to find your phone’s coordinates or use it to prank friends. It just takes a little imagination.

Wrapping up

There you’ve got it: seven different apps and 7 other ways to control your humanoid device from a computer. the most effective one for you may of course depend on your workflow and the approach you wish to use your devices, but hopefully, one thing here will prove helpful.

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