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13 Proven Tips to Create Killer Website Content

15 Tips to Create Killer Website Content

We all want our website to be on the top list of websites, but how many of us get to reach there. For a great website, we need to have great content. But the question arises is what is good and what is bad. Your content must be easy enough to read for everyone, must be good in terms of SEO and there are many factors that affect it. In this article, we are gonna learn about how to create killer content for your website that people will love it.

Start with clear navigation:
Your website must be easy to navigate for the user, every post should have a defined category or sub-category, so when anyone wants to access if they don’t find it hard. They should not be confused about where to go and what to do.

Use conversational English:
Maybe you are coming from a great school and can write English that contains tough English words that sounds cool to listen. But the truth is visitors are gonna to hate it. You must be writing your content in such a way that you are directly talking with the visitor. Use words which are informative and not much formal.

Avoid industry jargon:
Not everyone is familiar with them, so you should avoid using industry jargon. Use the terms, everyone is familiar with.

Provide all the relevant information:
When a user is searching for something on the internet, they are searching for information, and if the user doesn’t find the information on your website he will move to another website. Fill as much as information you can fill and see your userbase growing.

Make your homepage a to-the-point summary:
As you know the homepage is an entry point for most of the visitors, so it’s better if you can make your home page as informative as you can, describe how your website can be beneficial for your visitors, what service you are providing and everything else.

Create unique landing pages for specific topics:
It’s better if you have sections for every topic on your website, create a unique webpage for entry section of your website. Make it in such a way that it describes the basic information about the topic. For example, if some person is searching for a specific topic he should be landed on that section page.

Let pictures help tell your story:
A picture says a thousand words, so it’s better if you use pictures to tell your story. You should avoid using stock images, they may be helpful at some point but users will love to see a real picture of what they are reading and what they are buying.

Include trust-building content:
You should explain to your visitors how your company is providing stuff to the customer. how why should they trust you. If you can include a photo of the founder of the team it will be very helpful. If the visitor can trust you then only he or she is gonna to buy your service.

Keep your website up to date:
No one wants to read old information. So you must keep updating your website with fresh and new content and with the latest information. Old information will have a wrong impact on your website. Update old information with the new information from time to time.

Use a straightforward layout:
Don’t make your website much complex, to read and to look. Make the layout as clean as you can make it, so the user will find it easy to read nothing else will distract them. Putting a lot of widgets are never gonna to help you.

Make it easy for visitors to contact you:
Must include a contact us page and make it easy to reach for anyone. People will love it if they can reach to anytime and you must be responsive. Don’t make it hard for the visitors to contact you.

Keep forms simple:
No one wants to spend time filling long forms. Only ask information that is necessary and the user can fill that. If you are asking for a lot of detailed users are gonna leave it.

Include a call to action on nearly every page:
You can suggest what they should do next for that on every page put a call to action page. That may be for contacting or anything else you can find relevant.

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